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Learn How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor in 5 Days Using Proven Strategies To Get Your First Deal.

Your registration fee is refunded to you after a successful deal is completed together with us. Your success is truly our success. Your training becomes FREE!

$10,000 Value • $199

What's The 5-Day Challenge?

This is designed to help you Get Your First Deal in 30 Days Part-Time and go into profit mode immediately through Wholesaling without risking your own capital using our proven STRATEGY & SYSTEM. — Now let me ask you...

"...Six months from now... Where are you?"

The Traditional Path

Tired of the 9-5 rat race

Still struggling to find new deals

Fed up with other training companies

The 5-Day Challenge Path

Building Freedom and Wealth

Ready To Retire 27x Faster

Family Vacation

We’ll show you exactly how we’ve helped 200+ of our students get on the path to building financial freedom, retiring a millionaire 27x faster, and going into family vacation mode through the game of passive turnkey real estate.


In This 5-Day Challenge $10,000 Value You Will Get Access To The Exact Strategy To Help You Get Your First Deal Without Risking Your Own Capital


Don't just take it from me. These people have used my real estate system for success—repeatedly.

We Help You Get Your First Deal Ratified In 30 Days (or Less)!

Betsy Dimmick

Alan Taylor

Jennifer Bond

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5-Day Challenge

$10,000 Value • $199

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Join Us Virtually For 5 Days To Learn How To Get Your First Deal and 10x Your Current Revenue Using Our Proven Strategy


2 Sessions: 12 pm ET & 7 pm ET

Your Motivation & Commitment

We focus on identifying your driving motivations for entering real estate business, committing to your goals, and developing a success-oriented mindset.

Define Your Personal and Financial Goals For The Next 6 Months and Beyond

Establish a Solid Commitment Framework To Guide Your investing Journey

Develop a Resilient Mindset To Navigate The Ups and Downs of Real Estate Investing


2 Sessions: 12 pm ET & 7 pm ET

Getting Your First Lead

Learn how to generate your first lead with actionable strategies that bridge the gap between theory and real-world tactics in today's market.

You’ll Get Access to Our Warm Market and Script For Calling Prospective Lead

We'll Help You Find Warm Market Contacts to Generate Motivated Leads to Sell a House In The Next 30-90 Days

Apply Our Methods To Quickly Qualify Leads to Ensure They Align with Current Market conditions


2 Sessions: 12 pm ET & 7 pm ET

The Seller’s Personality & Effective Negotiating

Enhance your negotiation skills by understanding modern selling behaviors and leveraging advanced communication strategies to close the deal.

Learn Our 5 Rules To Effectively Negotiate and Close The Deal

Practice Our Proven Methods During The Breakout Session To Build Your Confidence and Apply

You’ll Save Money Annually (or Monthly) Just By Attending The Day 3 Session - We’ll Tell You More Inside…


2 Sessions: 12 pm ET & 7 pm ET

Understanding Comparables & Offer Analysis

Gain proficiency in analyzing market data to understand property values and make informed offers.

You’ll Learn The Value Assessment And Determining The After-Repair-Value Of The Property

You’ll Get Access to Our ARV Calculator And Learn How To Actually Use It For Finding Comparables

Hot Seat Coaching Session: And Real-Life Examples To Pre-determining The Property Address - Tax Records, Zillow, Pictures, Numbers, Etc…


1 Session: 12 pm ET

Putting It ALL Together: Lead Generation, Acquisition & 30-Day Action Plan

In your Day 5, we'll bring everything you've learned from

"DAY 1 - DAY 4" to create a practical action plan with the support of your Market Leader and The Entire Team.

You’ll Learn Our 2024 Proven Action Plan To Close Your First Deal - with the continued support of your Market Leader and The Entire Team

Get Access To Our 2024 Wholesaling Analysis Tool, 2024 Real Estate Sales Contract Tool, ROMAR Sheet and Choose Marketing Technique To Generate Qualified Leads

Partner With Us To Close Not Just One But More Deals in 2024 And Beyond and Officially Become a Real Estate Street Smart Investor Member!

“Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth.”

- Theodore Roosevelt

Best Way to Learn Real Estate Investing.

Trusted by more than 1200 students.

My first fix/flip was purchased 30 days after my training and yielded a $45,000 profit. I like that everyone I needed was already in the network and I did not have to find anyone else to succeed. - Lee J.

I got my first deal 3 weeks after my training and was able to earn $12,500. - Tatyana B

I made $7,500 on my first deal. - Alan T.

I got my first deal after my training, where I did a fix/flip and earned over $80,000 on the deal. - Jennifer B.


Who Should Sign Up For The 5-Day Challenge?

This challenge is ideal for those who are looking to get out from the 9-5 rat race, still struggling to find new deals, are fed up with other training companies, want to retire 27x faster, build freedom and wealth, and live life on their terms. This is a chance to build a legacy for you and your family.

How Do I Get Access To The Challenge?

The 5-Day Challenge is a virtual training, allowing you to join us online via Zoom from wherever you are, and will take place at 12 pm ET and 7 pm ET for 45 minutes each session, Monday through Friday. We'll send you a welcome email with the next step... Join the Private Facebook Group where all the resources, reminders/updates, and replays are available - Your Calendar Invitation and Zoom Link to attend the training.

Why Do You Offer Refund?

Because that’s how confident we are with this challenge - you’ll close the deal quickly when you follow our 2024 Step-by Step Proven Strategies. Again, your registration fee is refunded to you after a successful deal is completed together with us. Your success is truly our success. Your training becomes FREE!


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This will require work and you will be the ultimate person responsible for taking action and making sure you get the results that you want.

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